Employee & Freelancer Handbook

Who We Are

We are the best coders in the offshore industry. Period.

At JetBridge we don't want to be the biggest, but we do believe that no other software house can match what we offer developers and clients. Other software houses missions' are to make the most amount of money for the owner. The goal of JetBridge is to make sure you have the most successful career possible.

We're not looking to hire the most experienced or the most educated people, we're looking to hire the most coachable people because we know that being #1 is about having the best culture - and great culture is about learning, not knowing.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


A successful Swedish entrepreneur called JetBridge, "A small dot in the big gap between Western engineers and offshore developers." We're here to disrupt software outsourcing through superior mentorship and a Silicon Valley framework for creating superstars.


At JetBridge, we see a future where offshore labor is 1x as effective as in Silicon Valley. Nobody has done this at scale effectively yet.

We want to be the first.

That means we will fail many times, learn many things, and occasionally, succeed.

We will build a $100 Million+ software services company owned by an international Core Team instead of a local oligarch or single owner.


JetBridge exists to serve its employees first, its customers second, and its investors third. This hierarchy dictates our important decisions.

From our CEO John: "While the company's mission is to disrupt software outsourcing, my personal mission is to help you attain your true inner potential, in the shortest amount of time."

Our Core Ethics

"Reputation is more important than money."

Too many potentially great careers have been sacrificed for the belief that the world is so big that money or convenience is more important than reputation. Time always proves they're wrong.

Indicator Flags (How We Know How You Will Perform In Your Career)

Green Flags (some indicators of future superstars)

Red Flags (some indicators of future mediocrity)

Soft Skills

In addition to technical or business skills, at JetBridge we want to continue to become better at "soft skills" which we define as:

Most software houses have staff who mostly suck at soft skills. At JetBridge, you will master them and use these skills throughout your lifetime to maximize your earning potential and career opportunities. Building successful software is about much more than writing code, and communicating effectively has been shown to vastly improve all aspects of any project.

Quarterly Performance Reviews (QPRs)

QPRs will be held every 90 days with your direct manager and should be two-way conversations where your voice and ideas are heard while allowing your manager to agree with you on a set of OKRs and HR benefits.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a commonly used performance framework used at Google, Twitter and many great companies both small and large alike. An example of an OKR is:

Objective: Improve the quality of the development process 1) Educate the team about GitFlow, enforce using it. 2) Enforce writing frontend tests. 3) Prepare a base checklist for implementing user stories and a process to enforce it.
Objective: Improve quality of existing code 1) Improve speed of API endpoints by 10% 2) Improve test coverage by 15% 3) Decrease QA time by 50%

Freelancer Versus Core Team Member

For Freelancers at JetBridge, we will pay you either a flat monthly rate or a per hour rate (with a guaranteed minimum number of hours each month). There will be no QPRs (Quarterly Performance Reviews) required, no attendance of technical training or Dailies or soft skills trainings, and no HR benefits of any kind will be provided for Freelancers.

For Core Team members, we will pay you a flat monthly salary that is subject to bonuses or salary increases at each QPR period. You will be expected to attend most Dailies and participate in QPRs and company offsite events and training, and you will receive HR benefits. Core team members are expected to exhibit professional behaviors that reflect that they have been offered an equity option plan with the company.

There is no right or wrong choice in becoming a Freelancer or Core Team member - we respect both types at JetBridge. There is no wrong choice, but some things to consider about compensation:

  1. For Freelancers, we aim to pay you a competitive salary for your local markets while providing you flexible working environments to suit your lifestyle choices.
  1. For Core Team members, please understand that:
    1. Our CEO has committed to not having the highest salary at JetBridge. We are the only software house or European IT company that we know of that has this rule; and we have this rule to ensure that our goals are all aligned to building a $100 Million+ company and truly disrupting software outsourcing.
    1. In most companies, the "owner" takes all the profits at the end of the year for himself. So where does the money go that JetBridge makes?
      1. Treasury: Too many startups and software companies fail because they run out of cash. We are saving enough cash each month to ensure we can weather any recession or financial storms that come.
      1. HR Services: We invest heavily in group lunches and dinners, offsites, airline fares, Hotels, conferences, hackathons, speeches, workshops, networking events, VIP interactions and education. All of this costs more money than most people would realize.
      1. Investments: We can build a $100 Million+ company faster if we invest in "X Games" experiments that can yield more money-value versus time-value. Successful experiments mean that Core Team members' equity is worth much more, much faster.

    We don't expect everyone to become a Core Team member, nor do we feel everyone will dedicate themselves to our mission as dearly as the founders (and there's nothing wrong with that!), but for those that choose to, we reserve the right to offer you an equity option plan so that you can share in the financial success of the company in the case of a merger or IPO. Who gets to become an equity owner (Core Team Member) at JetBridge is not determined by nationality, sex, orientation or age, but on your ability to inspire others at JetBridge to become better.

Compensation And Structure

JetBridge strives to offer comprehensive compensation packages that are competitive with the local markets we operate in. Running an international company, we have learned that different people value different forms of compensation, so JetBridge offers flexible compensation plans that allow people to work either as:

We believe that interaction with Western clients is critical to building a great career and a great company. That requires communication - some of which will happen over Slack or email, but some with clients or teams by live video. This means that video calls can happen in the early evenings in your local time. We will attempt to minimize such live video calls as much as is possible without hurting our business or our reputation, but know that this is a requirement to work with high-quality companies from the West.

Paid Time Off and Holidays

JetBridge Honor Code

As we are distributed, international teams, we rely on our Honor Code to present the best work to our clients and help our teammates do great work befitting of the title' "#1 in Quality."

That means that a great deal of trust will be placed upon you by our clients, partners and teammates. At JetBridge, we understand that we all have bad days (some of them stupidly hungover), make brain fart mistakes and even lose our cool - it's what makes us human. In fact, our CEO has a rule where you can call him - or anyone at the company - out on their bullshit (we all have some).

While you are free to be an imperfect human being at JetBridge, you are not free to lie, cheat or steal. Period. All are immediately fireable offenses, and we will think you're an asshole as well.

Which brings us to our golden adage -

"Reputation is more important than money."

Congratulations! If you've read all the way to the bottom, you've already shown a green flag for diligence. We want to build something great together - Let's Make It Happen.